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Reminder: Ongoing changes to Microsoft Stack Workplace Products

By | 19 March, 2018

Obviously, year 2018 is full of changes not only in new Microsoft products and capabilities, but the way of serving it. This is a brief  reminder to sum up of what we can expect next months, and what we need to take into account: Windows 7, 8.1 Dates for end of support. After that time,… Read More »

Exporting Active Directory GPO settings to Excel using Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0

By | 6 March, 2018

Lately, I had to get all GPOs and settings from Active Directory, and it wasn’t as easy as I thought in the beginning, because I wanted to get excel files with all current settings for each GPO. After trying different options, I ended up using Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0 (SCM), and apart from different… Read More »

PowerShell most common installers for admins (updated)

By | 19 February, 2018

Updated: 19/02/2018 – Added: Azure RMAT, Azure Stack, OpenSSH, Office 365 and more… Have you ever change computer and went mad trying to recap all required installers for your daily work? Me too, so I’m trying to summarize here most commons installers that I usually need. Feel free to add suggestions to this list, so… Read More »

Testing Project Honolulu Technical Preview 1712

By | 31 December, 2017

Microsoft Project Honolulu comes with energy to our sysadmin life and thinking to stay. Very soft and handy, powerful, and offering almost all required tools and functionalities to monitor and administer Windows Systems. One only place collecting all useful features, even remote PowerShell console, Hyper-V Manager or Remote Desktop capabilities. Latest added features: Virtual Machines: Viewing and modifying Hyper-V… Read More »

Testing SQL Operations Studio

By | 4 December, 2017

Last Nov 15th, SQL Operations Studio was launched in preview, and as it looks pretty interesting, I wanted to test it asap; here’s the process for Windows Download SQL Operations Studio (preview) for Windows. Browse to the downloaded file and extract it. Run \sqlops-windows\sqlops.exe You don’t need to install anything, it’s fully ready to use!! Cool interface, full… Read More »