Posts Setting up Docker Swarm cluster on a Surface Pro Laptop

Setting up Docker Swarm cluster on a Surface Pro Laptop

Today, I wanted to use my Windows 10 Surface Pro Laptop as a platform to run Docker Swarm, just for testing purposes, not without some difficulties; here it’s what I did:

1.Preparing network connections

2 network connections were needed at least, because I didn’t want to lose internet connection at all on the laptop, and Docker Swarm required Hyper-V virtual switch, external type (that means 1 of the 2 network adapters…)

To achieve it, I had to enable both Wifi network adapter and LAN network adapter at the same time, devoting LAN network adapter to Docker Swarm exclusively

As I had only at hand one Apple USB to Ethernet adapter not in use, I tried to plug it to the Surface Pro laptop and set it up as the required LAN network adapter.

On the first attempt, it wasn’t recognized properly, so I had to pull the wires and update the driver from Device Manager

Preparing connections 1 Preparing connections 2 Preparing connections 3

2.Setting up Hyper-V Virtual Switch

I defined a new Hyper-V Virtual Switch from Hyper-V console this way: Hyper-V Switch

3.Enabling both LAN and Wifi connections

For this purpose, I had to create new registry value; of course I did prefer to use PowerShell for it:

$regPath = HKLM:\\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WcmSvc\GroupPolicy
New-Item -Path $regPath -Force | Out-Null
New-ItemProperty -Path $regPath -Name fMinimizeConnections -Value 0 -Type DWORD -Force | Out-Null

Enabling LAN and Wifi

Just added it, and I was able to see 2 network connections fantastic icons on the taskbar at the same time:

Checking icons

4.Creating first Docker container

This step took a bit, but finally, it came out without difficulties…

On Command Prompt console with a single line, using Hyper-V driver for docker, I write down

docker-machine create -d hyperv manager

Creating Docker container

Lastly, just to check docker machine is running as supposed to be:

docker-machine ls

Checking docker container

Happy to have first docker machine on board!!


It is possible to set up a lab on Windows 10 Surface Pro Laptop to test Docker Swarm, without losing on the road any of Surface Pro particularities…

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.