Microsoft Project Honolulu comes with energy to our sysadmin life and thinking to stay. Very soft and handy, powerful, and offering almost all required tools and functionalities to monitor and administer Windows Systems. One only place collecting all useful features, even remote PowerShell console, Hyper-V Manager or Remote Desktop capabilities.

Latest added features:

  • Virtual Machines: Viewing and modifying Hyper-V VMs settings while running

  • Events: Now you can see, clear and export.

  • Performance improvements: New controls that make it easier to move around and monitor status.

To try it out, you need to be Microsoft Insider user, as up today it’s in preview mode:

I tried it internally and results are spectaculars, here some screenshots and insights.


Adding Servers

If you are trying Windows Server 2012 R2, you’ll probably get this error, so you need to install Windows Management Framework 5.0

Lot of features in one view and one only place

Powershell console

Remote Desktop connection

Roles and Features to add

Disk Management, including VHD




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