Skype for Business vs Microsoft Teams

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Early last week I saw this tweet:

Skype for Business vs Microsoft Teams

It made me think that it makes a lot of sense using Teams alongside Skype for Business, and stop competing with each other.

Lately, I’ve been using Teams to run some projects, and it’s becoming irreplaceable: channel for project members to quickly share information, open issues, files, and get all these sources of information altogether at the same place, and another channel for end users, to ask them for specific requirements, updates on the progress, new initiatives, expectations, etc.

By default, users can run Teams alongside Skype for Business as two separate solutions, but this is called to change as the tweet say, because Teams delivers all features as Skype for Business do + others features more related so far today with Office 365.

Even when you can apply some coexistence modes to take full advantages of Teams and Skype for Business (Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business coexistence and interoperability and make the transition less dramatic, I highly recommend using Teams more than Skype for Business, especially if you’re involved in running projects, and see all the power this utility can bring you.

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