Hey there!

Eloy Salamanca Ramírez here, working as Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) at Brenntag, hailing from the stunning city of Sevilla in southern Spain.

My journey kicked off in the tech scene in 1999, just before wrapping up my university studies. I scored an internship at a multinational company that threw me headfirst into the IT infrastructure world, where I mainly dabbled in Server Management—mostly Microsoft but not exclusively.

Over time, I have learned to reinvent myself and adapt to whatever is necessary, but still waking up way too early to squeeze in some new learning before diving headfirst into my work. I’m all about seeking opportunities for improvement, especially through automation.

With Cloud’s arrival, I initially specialized as a Google Cloud architect before veering more towards the Azure Platform, doing my bit to help my current company on the architecture state, collaborating closely with business stakeholders, development teams, solution and domain architects, as a proud member of the Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE). We’re charging ahead with Digital Transformation, embracing a new Way of Working with Agile and DevOps approaches, and diving into the world of ‘Infrastructure as Code’ (IaC) using HashiCorp Terraform.

This corner of the internet is my playground for sharing tests, labs, achievements, and the real-world setups I’ve tinkered with—whether as a stepping stone to new projects or as the final product. If you run into something useful in this journey, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Eloy Salamanca Ramírez