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I started my career back in early 1999, as an intern for a big multinational company: Inabensa, part of Abengoa, growing up to L2 support, mostly Windows Systems but not only.

After that venture, I enjoyed from 2006 to 2017 working as a System Engineer, hundred of Windows Systems, of course for another big multinational company (Heineken)

After that, I’ve been in the last few years in between consulting, projects (infrastructure, designs, migrations, etc) happily playing with latest Microsoft and cloud-related technologies, especially in large implementations, learning more about public cloud providers and the way they have changed things, mainly Azure & GCP, to finally ended up joining the great family of Brenntag, going back to my roots as Team Lead for the Server Management

This place was created to offload some testings, labs, achievements, and particular settings I did in real; or as a previous step on new incoming stuff. Maybe you will find something useful in the ride, so I would be more than happy if I ever read your comments.