Exporting Active Directory GPO settings to Excel using Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0

Exporting Active Directory GPO settings to Excel using Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0

Lately, I had to get all GPOs and settings from Active Directory, and it wasn’t as easy as I thought in the beginning, because I wanted to get excel files with all current settings for each GPO.

After trying different options, I ended up using Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0 (SCM), and apart from different minor issues with specific GPOs (honestly, it seems SCM is not very mature right now), I can confirm it’s very easy to use, and results are not bad.

This is what I did:

1.Backing up all GPO settings

You can also do it, of course, with Powershell, but I used GPMC this time because it’s pretty straightforward:

I went to GPMC console, right click on ‘Group Policy Objects’, then ‘Back Up All’

Backing up GPO settings

choose destination


2.Enabling Macros in Excel

Prior starting exporting GPOs, a bit risky for a while, but I had no option than enable all macros in Excel, so I went to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings, and “Enable all macrosExcel Trust Center
Enable all macros

3.Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0 (SCM):


  • Download Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 4.0 (SCM)
  • Requirements to be installed:
    • SQL Server database: SCM comes with SQL Server 2008 Express; if it detects SQL Server on the system, you can opt for using it
  • Other requirements, besidess this:
    • .NET Framework 3.5
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86

After installing, first opening took some time because of importing baselines

Import baselines

Checking for updates Checking for updates2 Checking for updates3 Checking for updates4

4.Import previous backed GPOs

Once everything was ready, time to import GPOs previously backed up in step-1</br>

Import backed GPOs Import backed GPOs2

5.Export to Excel

Export to Excel

New excel file showed up, and I had to enable content on it</br>

Export to Excel2

Finally, I got all settings in excel for selected GPO

Export to Excel3

Eloy Salamanca