Jekyll Test Blog on Ubuntu Guest VM on top of Hyper-V

Jekyll Test Blog on Ubuntu Guest VM on top of Hyper-V

Wanted to change blog look and feel, but didn’t like the idea of touching any “productive” settings and miss something, so I decided to search for a way to set it up locally and then reply all changes to GitHub Pages at once. This is how I did step by step, I had some difficulties in the journey.


To make a long history short, I will start from the following assumptions:

  1. Hyper-V Server properly set and configured (I used my W10 laptop)
  2. Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS as guest VM properly set and updated

Networking Sets

I wanted guest vm to be internet connected and to the Hyper-v host at the same time, and it wasn’t not so easy at it promised, but I got it this way:

  1. Defined new Hyper-V virtual switch, external network Hyper-V virtual switch external

  2. Configuring new network interface on the host created after new virtual switch Configuring Network interface

  3. Line the guest on the same network

     sudo nano /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml

    Lining the guest

Sharing Jekyll Directory

As I had to modify files as easy as possible, I shared W10 directory yo access from Ubuntu: W10 directory

W10 directory permissions

Mounting shared folder on Ubuntu

First of all, need cifs client to access shared folder:

$ sudo apt install cifs-utils

Install cifs client

Created new folder:

mkdir ~/jekyll-theme-chirpy

And mounted the shared folder:

sudo mount.cifs //SURFASAURUS/jekyll-theme-chirpy ~/jekyll-theme-chirpy -o user=ubuntu

Mounting shared folder

Eloy Salamanca